Case Studies

Business Contingency Plan

Prepare Your Business and Team for Your Dream Vacation or the Unexpected

When business owner creates their Business Contingency Plans, they streamline the operations, make strategic decisions for the future, and create more space in their calendar. Their new plan helps ensure that the money keeps flowing into the business regardless of the reason for the owner's absence. In fact, vacations are recommended as a way to test the effectiveness of the plan.

"By creating a Business Contingency Plan, I realized that a former employee was still an authorized signer on my business bank account."

Confidential Business Contingency Plan Client

"You did a really nice job of molding and fitting the process to my individual needs. I feel better that things are much more outlined and not just in my head. We covered things that I never thought we would."

Lisa O., Business Contingency Plan Client

"This helped me realize that we actually had a lot of the business stuff in place. It's just a matter of not feeling overwhelmed to get it a little more documented. I thought it was going to be more work than it was, too."

Laura W., CEO Contingency Plan Client

Business Continuance Playbook

The Ultimate Plan

Clients who create their Business Continuance Playbook create a valuable asset. One that is used in the business and can also be sold with the business. After outlining their owner roles and responsibilities throughout the year and having their SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) documented for them, these owners pursue goals that were on the back burner.

"My work with Mary Beth was so powerful and incredibly well-timed. My maternity leave went very well because the planning that we did put everything together and gave me a really nice way of working people through some of the new tasks I needed to train them to take on. Those responsibilities are now completely off my plate since I've returned to work, and I'm not taking any of it back.

I had some medical complications after delivery, and I cannot tell you how much relief it was that we had medical documentation in order that, if something had gone wrong and happened to me, there were plans in place. For peace of mind, financial organization, and coordination with key stakeholders, I definitely recommend working with Niche Partnership Consulting!."

Laura Beth Wallace, CEO Contingency Plan Client

Personal Contingency Plan

Peace of Mind in an Emergency

Personal Contingency Plans (PCPs) are popular with individuals and entrepreneurs who are the primary financial managers. They make handling banking, credit cards, health insurance, and investments look easy. The complexity becomes evident as we break down the steps of their routine process and create their custom PCP. The plan empowers loved ones or business partners to keep the business of life running smoothly in an emergency.​

"After creating my Personal Contingency Plan, I realized it was time to start bringing my sons into my business. Since then, they both got licensed and formed an LLC. It's the most amazing thing. I have to say that it's all because I created my Personal Contingency Plan. I'm going to have my kids working with me. How cool is that! "

Janis B., Personal Contingency Plan client

"I'm telling all my friends that they need to work with NPC to create their Personal Contingency Plan."
Confidential Personal Contingency Plan Client

Beneficiary Process Navigation

An Innovative Solution

Our beneficiary clients hope they will never need our services. But when they lose a loved one, they are so grateful to have NPC by their side. We help our Personal Contingency Plan clients and beneficiaries navigate the complex corporate processes that enable them to assume the deceased's benefits and accounts. Our first client was a Vanguard retiree beneficiary. After we worked together for three months, the result was a success. By evaluating all angles of the retiree's benefits, our client was able to receive free financial planning from Vanguard, maximize the retiree medical account reimbursement and invest newly owned assets appropriately for our client's risk tolerance and age.

"NPC walked me through the three-month process to transition my wife's retiree benefits and investments to me. I thought Vanguard would take care of everything after I sent them the death certificate. I had no idea the (beneficiary) process would be so complicated."
George Reed, Retiree Beneficiary