What Clients Have to Say

"My work with Mary Beth was so powerful and incredibly well-timed. My maternity leave went very well because the planning that we did put everything together and gave me a really nice way of working people through some of the new tasks I needed to train them to take on. Those responsibilities are now completely off my plate since I've returned to work, and I'm not taking any of it back.

I had some medical complications after delivery, and I cannot tell you how much relief it was that we had medical documentation in order that, if something had gone wrong and happened to me, there were plans in place. For peace of mind, financial organization, and coordination with key stakeholders, I definitely recommend working with Niche Partnership Consulting!."

Laura Beth Wallace, CEO Contingency Plan Client

"I am truly grateful that I met Mary Beth Simon in 2020 when I realized it was a good time to get our affairs in order. Once I learned about her "Contingency Plan," I knew that it was something worth investing in! Now that I completed my Plan, I have all our important documents in 1 place. I also organized my passwords and now have a much more efficient system for storing & retrieving them. I now have peace of mind that we are prepared for the future — and that is such a relief! Thank you, Mary Beth!"

Jennie W., Contingency Plan Client

"Mary Beth, the founder of Niche Partnership Consulting, worked with my wife and me to guide the development of our "Contingency Plan." Our reason for creating a contingency plan is that we have experienced trying to manage the affairs of others who became incapacitated or died; it was often a complicated experience. We don't want our family to have a bad experience if/when something should incapacitate us.

The Contingency Plan system developed by Mary Beth is logical and easy to implement. Now we have all our key documents, passwords, medical information, and other essential data in one secure place. We thought we were well organized before we used the Niche Contingency Plan system; now, we are truly prepared for any negative contingency.

More than a year has passed; we just updated the information in our contingency plan. Keeping the information updated was one of the principles that Mary Beth stressed; she even sent us a reminder. Whoever needs to access our information will be very pleased. We are!."

Jim G., Contingency Plan Client

"Creating a contingency plan for my personal life forced me to review my insurance policies. Now, I'm saving so much on insurance that it nearly covers my investment with NPC.
I feel much more organized and liked the accountability of working with Mary Beth. I highly recommend trusting Mary Beth to guide you through the process of creating your plan.."

Kim D, Contingency Plan Client

"I was NPC's first beneficiary client. The love of my life passed away last summer, only three years after retiring from Vanguard. NPC walked me through the three-month process to transition my wife's retiree benefits and investments to me. I thought Vanguard would take care of everything after I sent them the death certificate. I had no idea the (beneficiary) process would be so complicated. The last thing I wanted to worry about at that point was keeping track of the many phone calls, forms, and procedures. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way."

George Reed, Retiree Beneficiary

"Mary Beth's contingency plan was a game-changer for organizing important documents, understanding the importance of having a plan, setting up important systems and processes to protect yourself and your family, and creating a sense of ongoing peace in life and work due to having that checked off of our list. Mary Beth was a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to ensure their business or family is protected should an emergency arise."

Cynthia O.,  Contingency Plan Client

"I'm telling all my friends that they need to work with NPC to create their Personal Contingency Plan."

Confidential Contingency Plan Client

"No one has presented to me this range of pertinent information."


"By creating a Business Contingency Plan, I realized that a former employee was still an authorized signer on my business bank account."

Confidential Business Contingency Plan Client

There's never been a better time to make a plan.