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Medical History Form

You've completed your last form at the doctor's office. Bring your medical history with you to the next doctor's visit.  Keep all the details at your fingertips.

Start Creating Your Personal Contingency Plan

Empower your loved ones to keep life running smoothly when you're out of commission. Ready to become a Prepared Optimistic Mortal?

Answer these questions and create your "to-do list" of the next steps.

Here's a sneak peek into what your Personal Contingency Plan can look like.

Create a DIY password book as part of your personal contingency strategy. Ensure that loved ones have the needed information in case of an emergency.

DIY Password book

Make the same password book that I create for my clients.  Help family and friends prepare for an emergency by taking the first step, documenting passwords that enable a trusted person to keep life running smoothly in a crisis.

NPC's Personal Contingency Plan Feedback

People who have completed Niche Partnership Consulting's Personal Contingency Plan process provide feedback on what stood out or surprised them about the process.

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