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How to Prevent Family Fraud

As you may already know, I get to work with the best clients. The people who work with me are often motivated by compassion for their business partners and family...

Be Prepared for

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Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Planning

Fireproof Safe

How to Choose a Fireproof Safe for Your Home or Business

When exploring fireproof safe options, there are many variables to consider. Sometimes there are so many choices that people decide not to buy a safe, risking the privacy and security...
Attorney, Lindsay Schoeneberger shares estate planning strategies

What You Need to Know About Estate Planning & How to Get Yours in Order

An interview with Lindsay M. Schoeneberger, RUSSELL, KRAFFT & GRUBER, LLP Background: Lindsay and I met earlier in 2020 when mutual connections introduced us, and we collaborated on a webinar...
Use what you've learned this year to propel your planning for the future.

Three Things You Can Do Today to Prepare for an Emergency

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash There's no denying it. Whether you’re a business owner or not, 2020 has taught us that we all need to be prepared, at least...

Analog or Digital Contingency Plan – What’s Right for You?

In this digital age, creating an online plan for an emergency may seem like a no-brainer. Let's dig a little deeper to assess the differences. What are the options? Contingency...

Farming in February

Years ago, I would rise early Saturday mornings to make muffins from scratch and surprise neighbors with small batches. One neighbor would say, “You should live on a farm!” Although...

The Birds and the Bees; The Will and Power of Attorney

I recently hosted a speaking event at the beautiful historic Kimberton Inn in Kimberton, PA. It was a lovely evening surrounded by family and friends, ten days before Christmas. After...

A Deeper Level of Caring

When was the last time you imagined what life would be like for your loved ones without you? When my husband gets annoyed with me, it's not uncommon for me...

Embrace Your Inner Nomad

My life is far from Nomadic in a literal sense. But my mindset and lifestyle have Nomadic themes: · Travel light · Minimize attachments to things · Be ready ·...