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Quality Vacation Time for Business Owners

🙌 Have you promised yourself that this year, you will immerse yourself in vacation and not get distracted by personal and business demands? If so, it’s worth considering some techniques to ensure that happens. 🚫 Set Boundaries: 💠 Discuss with your team what constitutes an emergency. 💠 If an urgent situation arises, establish a code, such as a thumbs-up or down emoji, to convey your…

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Why Vacation Planning Starts Early for Business Owners

✈ Sometimes, all it takes to clear that “to-do” list is putting flight and hotel reservations on your calendar. 🏖 If you’re motivated by vacation, then this may be the time of year when you get lots done – in your personal life and business. Four tips to consider 📈 When striving to streamline essential work while you’re…

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Are your team & business prepared for your vacation?

Does your business get in the way of enjoying a much-needed vacation? If yes, that can change. Now. One of the reasons that your business interrupts vacation is that preparing your team for your absence might amount to wishful thinking. By taking some purposeful steps now to train and experiment with the effectiveness of the training (by not going into the office), you and your team can build…

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Pregnancy and your estate plan

Your Advanced Directive & Pregnancy

Is your Advanced Directive still valid now that you’re pregnant? Women CEOs anticipating a future pregnancy work with me to create contingency plans that prepare their business and personal life for their new arrival. It wasn’t until working with a new client that I learned that not all advance directives/living wills are valid during pregnancy.…

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open the door

When did you last try something new?

How do you feel about doing something new that you need help with? Let’s face it. If you knew how to do it, you would have already. When a guide cracks the door open and invites you in, it can be a bit scary. Will it be uncomfortable, complicated, or difficult? Sometimes the stories we…

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Protecting Your Intellectual Property

In December. I got to see Tina Turner the Musical with my cousins in Philadelphia. As a huge fan, it was an honor to get an in-depth look at Tina’s life from childhood to post “Private Dancer” mega-stardom. At one point in the play, Tina is criticized for not fighting in court for ownership of songs created…

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Have you seen signs of financial infidelity?

Creating contingency plans with couples can prove to be a test of their financial honesty and transparency in the relationship. Financial infidelity shows up in secret bank accounts, debts, and purchases. According to a recent article in Reuters, Gen Z (63%) and Millenials (54%) are much more likely than Gen X or Boomers to keep financial secrets. And they don’t necessarily consider it…

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The Colonial Theatre’s Strategic Planning Workshop

The Colonial Theatre’s Strategic Planning Workshop was an invitation-only event.

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How do you reward yourself?

As you gear up for the New Year, you may be thinking about when you’ll make the 2023 updates to your contingency plan. The first quarter-ish is usually a good time of year to take care of this essential yet mundane work since you’re gathering paperwork to complete your taxes. How will you incentivize yourself to set a date on your calendar and…

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Contingency Planning for Agriculture Entrepreneurs

Why would a girl from West Philly and corporate retiree apply to speak at the Pasa Sustainable Agriculture conference? The short answer is they’re my people. It’s challenging to think of a group of entrepreneurs more essential to America than farmers, CSA owners, restaurant owners, food distributors, and shop owners. The majority of these business…

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