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The Colonial Theatre’s Strategic Planning Workshop

The Colonial Theatre’s Strategic Planning Workshop was an invitation-only event.

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How do you reward yourself?

As you gear up for the New Year, you may be thinking about when you’ll make the 2023 updates to your contingency plan. The first quarter-ish is usually a good time of year to take care of this essential yet mundane work since you’re gathering paperwork to complete your taxes. How will you incentivize yourself to set a date on your calendar and…

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Mary Beth Simon sitting on steps with a cup of coffee

Contingency Planning for Agriculture Entrepreneurs

Why would a girl from West Philly and corporate retiree apply to speak at the Pasa Sustainable Agriculture conference? The short answer is they’re my people. It’s challenging to think of a group of entrepreneurs more essential to America than farmers, CSA owners, restaurant owners, food distributors, and shop owners. The majority of these business…

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Millennials Are Leading the Way

I 💜 Millennials!

One of January’s highlights is reading’s estate planning survey results for the prior year.

And the headline says it all:
For the First Time,’s Wills Survey Finds that Younger Adults Are More Likely to Have a Will than Middle-Aged Adults

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How to Maximize Retiree Benefits

You may have noticed that Vanguard was in the news this month for eliminating retiree medical reimbursement accounts for current and retired employees. Retirees collaborated in a private FaceBook group to break the story to key media outlets. Vanguard responded by reinstating the benefit for retirees and is “recalibrating” the benefit for the current crew. While the financial stress of…

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This is the new wood rack that we built in a more easily accessible location

Reassessing Your Home-keeping Habits

Once you start contingency planning, it’s hard to know where to stop. Planning for the unexpected becomes part of how you see the world and how you organize your life. Last year I was determined to use the pandemic lockdown efficiently. For me, that meant having two elective surgeries that I had been putting off.  To prepare…

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How to Store Your Vaccination Card

One example of how our contingency plan evolves is now needing to have a storage strategy for our Covid vaccination card. When I received my second shot, the gentleman ahead of me had lost his vaccination card. The people staffing the pop-up site had no suggestions for getting a new card. They said that they…

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Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

How to Prevent Family Fraud

One of the most challenging conversations is when a client contacts me because their money has been stolen. Frequently the the thief is a family member.

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Fireproof Safe

How to Choose a Fireproof Safe for Your Home or Business

When exploring fireproof safe options, there are many variables to consider. Sometimes there are so many choices that people decide not to buy a safe, risking the privacy and security of their contingency plan and valuables. Important considerations include: Click this link to see the safe that is most popular with my clients.

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Attorney, Lindsay Schoeneberger shares estate planning strategies

What You Need to Know About Estate Planning & How to Get Yours in Order

Lindsay and I met earlier in 2020 when mutual connections introduced us, and we collaborated on a webinar for the Northern Lancaster Chamber of Commerce. While working together, I realized that Lindsay’s client stories provide an excellent context to help people evaluate their legal and estate planning needs.

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