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Are You a Prepared Optimistic Mortal?

The odds of dying are 100%. Still, it’s difficult for us to help the people closest to us to prepare for managing the business of life without us. Do you manage the home finances? If yes, then who’s prepared to take over if you’re ill or even worse, die? If someone else handles the finances…

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5 tips to consider before starting your own consulting business

It’s an exciting time! You’ve decided to start your own consulting business and bring your unique skills and talent to the marketplace. There are five critical areas of focus to incorporate into your planning phase. #1 Identify your core advisers These people will be your sounding boards, advocates, truth-tellers and referral sources. Ideally, they are…

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How many learning curves have you been on this year?

Now is a good time of year for us to reflect on how far we’ve come and take stock in all that we have learned so far in 2019. No matter our age, we never stop learning. We may resist the new information coming at us, but we continue to learn regardless of our resistance.…

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