Contingency Planning for Agriculture Entrepreneurs

Mary Beth Simon sitting on steps with a cup of coffee

Why would a girl from West Philly and corporate retiree apply to speak at the Pasa Sustainable Agriculture conference? The short answer is they’re my people.

It’s challenging to think of a group of entrepreneurs more essential to America than farmers, CSA owners, restaurant owners, food distributors, and shop owners.

The majority of these business owners work seven days a week and round the clock. In their work, combatting global warming, promoting racial justice, educating consumers about animal welfare, and creating safe working environments intersect. These dynamics attract a wonderfully diverse audience and speakers. The success of their businesses depends on solid strategic and problem-solving abilities. Personal and business contingency planning often begins with awareness of a problem you never knew existed—the perfect problem solver’s puzzle.

Without organic and sustainable food, I suspect I would not have survived a 30+ year career in the stress-filled world of financial services as well as I did. As auto-immune disease diagnoses started piling up in my 40s, it became clear that clean food would be the key to maintaining an energy level with some predictability.

Since growing up in poverty, on welfare, and being the recipient of food donations, food continues to be a priority and focus in my life. Devoting a significant amount of my budget and time to healthy food has become a non-negotiable.

The least I can do for the community that has supported my health journey is share contingency planning techniques to make their businesses more resilient. Grateful for the opportunity to speak and the return of in-person events!

Mary Beth Simón

Mary Beth Simón

Contingency Plan Guide | Strategic Planner | Keynote Speaker & Workshop Facilitator

The best time to plan for an emergency is when life is good, not when an emergency happens. Unexpected life events require all your energy and attention. Having a plan ready before it's needed relieves stress and allows you to face challenges with calm, presence, and confidence.

As the founder of NPC, Mary Beth works with her clients to create a roadmap that their business partner, team, or loved one can follow to keep business and life running smoothly in an emergency.

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