How do you reward yourself?

As you gear up for the New Year, you may be thinking about when you’ll make the 2023 updates to your contingency plan.

The first quarter-ish is usually a good time of year to take care of this essential yet mundane work since you’re gathering paperwork to complete your taxes.

How will you incentivize yourself to set a date on your calendar and carve out a few hours to update your plan?

How about rewarding yourself with Happy Hour with friends, a massage & pedicure at a spa you’ve been meaning to try, or planning your next dream vacation?

Creating rewards in your schedule when you complete the essential yet not urgent tasks of adulthood can help keep you on track.

Treat yourself to a festival, or open a special bottle of wine in the evening after you finish challenging tasks.

Be kind to yourself, and refuel to keep yourself motivated to continue doing your important work.

Besides enjoying the reward, this process may improve productivity and create a more positive experience overall.

How about you? What are your favorite ways to reward yourself?

Mary Beth Simón

Mary Beth Simón

Contingency Plan Guide | Strategic Planner | Keynote Speaker & Workshop Facilitator

The best time to plan for an emergency is when life is good, not when an emergency happens. Unexpected life events require all your energy and attention. Having a plan ready before it's needed relieves stress and allows you to face challenges with calm, presence, and confidence.

As the founder of NPC, Mary Beth works with her clients to create a roadmap that their business partner, team, or loved one can follow to keep business and life running smoothly in an emergency.

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