How to Store Your Vaccination Card

One example of how our contingency plan evolves is how we now need to determine our storage strategy for our Covid vaccination card.

When I received my second shot, the gentleman ahead of me had lost his vaccination card. The people staffing the pop-up site had no suggestions for getting a new card, and they said that they could not provide him with a new card.

So many aspects of our society are digital, and now we have paper proof of our Covid vaccine history that needs to be preserved, at a minimum, for our own records.

The CDC recommends taking a picture of your card (but don’t post it on social media; your birthdate and full name are personally identifiable information (PII) that hackers love***).

Having a photo of your card in your Cloud is a very convenient way to prove your status at an event. Maybe cover your birthdate with your finger to better protect your PII.

I am storing the physical card in the Card Photos section of my contingency plan in the clear folder. That’s where I keep all cards that I don’t normally carry (e.g., voter registration, TSA pre-check, social security card, etc.)

These vinyl plastic waterproof sleeves are a nice idea if you need to travel with your card.

According to this article, some people have decided to laminate their cards, but that is not recommended.

Take good care of your card until we learn what the long-term plan is for storing this important data.

Mary Beth Simon

Mary Beth Simon

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