Reassessing Your Home-keeping Habits

Once you start contingency planning, it’s hard to know where to stop.

Planning for the unexpected becomes part of how you see the world and how you organize your life.

Last year I was determined to use the pandemic lockdown efficiently. For me, that meant having two elective surgeries that I had been putting off. 

To prepare for back-to-back surgeries, I wanted to tackle many summer home-keeping chores to free my schedule for recuperating.  

The first goal was to get the winter’s worth of wood split and stacked while I could still help. Watching my husband’s process made me realize that I would never be able to maintain what he does if he’s ever out of commission. 

Yes, I can buy split wood. However, the stacking and moving system seemed too dangerous, dodging tree branches, navigating undulating ground with the wheel barrel, and reaching beyond shrubs to stack the wood.

Doing “his” chores with him allowed us time to discuss the process that looked very different seventeen years ago. We were younger and planted a lush landscape that has since filled in the path to and around the wood racks. 

We decided to build new wood racks in an open and flat part of the yard. This makes it easier and more accessible for either of us to fetch or stack wood in any season (see the photo of the improved setup).

It was a mini-contingency planning exercise.

That moment when you think, “If anything ever happens to ______, I won’t be able to maintain this!” And it’s okay if you realize that “it” will no longer happen. Take the opportunity to explore better or different approaches to the way you’ve always done things.

Does this bring to mind any home-keeping habits that you want to rework or simplify? 

Mary Beth Simón

Mary Beth Simón

Contingency Plan Guide | Strategic Planner | Keynote Speaker & Workshop Facilitator

The best time to plan for an emergency is when life is good, not when an emergency happens. Unexpected life events require all your energy and attention. Having a plan ready before it's needed relieves stress and allows you to face challenges with calm, presence, and confidence.

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