Transform Your Business with Your Vision, Strategy & Aligned Plan

Every Transition is An Opportunity

The community you serve is constantly changing.

In any community, people come and go, and values evolve. Creating a culture of personal service that entices customer loyalty requires your business to adapt.

You can miss the big picture when you're focused on a million little things.

Most business owners don't have the budget for an army of employees with specialized skills, and they fill in the gaps themselves, doing anything from marketing, to accounting, to sweeping the shop floor.

You are the captain of the ship, and your time is a precious resource. If you are spending half your time rearranging the deck chairs, who is at the helm?

Every business challenge has an associated cost.

Recurring problems impact your bottom line. It's not only inconvenient to lose a dissatisfied customer or employee. It's expensive too. An outside point of view can help you see clearly, where you can make high-impact changes for the least amount of investment.


Maximize the Value of Your Business Expenses

Your people, your process, and your technology are all investments. As a business owner, you want all of these investments to lead to meaningful returns. NPC can help you decide what and how to prioritize so you can use your time and money more effectively.

A temporary infusion of project management talent can help you:


Streamline your processes so you can work more efficiently.


Identify and overcome barriers that are slowing you down.


Develop a strategic plan to finally achieve your long-term goals.

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The NPC Process helps your organization develop effective strategies to:

  • Collaborate to create change with your leadership team relative to your processes, technology, strategy, customers, and employees.
  • Optimize your offering of products or services to drive sales in new markets.
  • Define what success looks like for your business so you can better measure progress toward your goals.
  • Increase donations and retention for your non-profit organization by identifying opportunities to deepen connections with your donors.
  • Adapt your business model to a changing world so your offerings remain relevant and attractive to your existing and new customers.
  • Create change management strategies with your team leaders.
  • Transform your customer engagement strategy to ensure your business is visible and attractive to new clients in your community so you don't have to rely on a dwindling pool of regulars to survive and thrive.
  • Inspire confidence in your team's ability to take a project from concept to implementation and measure the impact of the change.

A 5 Step Process To Transform Your Business

A unique approach to consulting that creates rapid results and empowers your team to learn the methodology throughout our collaboration so they can manage future business transformations on their own.

  • 1. Interview & Analyze

    Gauge current state strengths of the operation and reveal quick-win opportunities.

  • 2. Define & Inspire

    Develop a vision for your future state, creating a focal point for the team to rally around.

  • 3. Assess & Prioritize

    Consider your investment capacity and look before you leap to avoid cost over-runs.

  • 4. Execute & Measure

    Implement the change and ensure everyone in your organization can track progress, and achieve ROI.

  • 5. Debrief & Learn

    Review & document lessons learned to foster a culture of continuous improvement.


Specialized Project Management Expertise

"When I interview leaders, stakeholders, and high-value clients, I don't tell them what to do. I inventory their feedback, and the data speaks for itself. It's humbling, but also exciting, offering a treasure trove of improvements that a leader can implement with little to no additional investment."

  • I am an accomplished project and enterprise program manager with knowledge honed in the fast-paced corporate sector.
  • My method is collaborative and engaging, so your team will feel the project was delivered with them rather than to them.
  • I will assess and deliver the training materials you and your team need to feel confident in owning the process long-term.

"No one has presented to me this range of pertinent information."


"NPC did all the research, communication, documentation, created a project plan, and made all the phone calls, allowing me and my team to run my business. The claim was resolved in 60 days."

- Jules Simon, Strada Auto Repair Owner

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  • If we're a good fit, we'll define what success looks like for you and create a road map for how we'll move forward together.

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