Having a contingency plan is no longer optional.

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Mary Beth motivates audiences with memorable and compelling real-life stories that inspire people to create their contingency plans. Most attendees take meaningful action within days of hearing her talk. Her presentations will change your future.

Mary Beth learned the painful reality of what it's like to live through losing a spouse without any plan in place when stepping in to help a grieving friend navigate this difficult time. Knowing how this could have been prevented, she is on a mission to spare others that experience.

She shares poignant stories and her techniques so that no one will need to navigate blindly again. By encouraging audience participation, she helps everyone connect to why they need to prioritize and take action to put their contingency plan in place so they can prepare for an emergency. 

Mary Beth's talks couldn't be more relevant now as business owners and professionals plan for the unexpected and much needed vacations.

"I love the idea of looking over everything I do as the owner and delegating more out so I can take better vacations. I also realize I need a good password keeper!"

Courtney G., Group Practice Owner

“Mary Beth's personal story and how NPC came to be intensifies the need and urgency for this process to take place.”

Linda G.

"{My biggest takeaway} It's simple, but the need for a fire & waterproof safe in my home for documents. I'll be buying one this week."

Amanda E., Group Practice Owner

"Wonderful presentation. Run —don’t walk, to have Niche Partnership Consulting help with your life plans.”

Lyn G.

“Thanks for the reminder to take action now and stop putting it off.”

Rayvene W., Group Practice Owner

"Fabulous presentation. You are an amazing speaker. Everything was easy to understand and straightforward. You made the topic and process feel more comfortable to tackle."

Sheri O.

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For Audiences

How your audience will benefit from this topic:

  • Create their personalized next steps that help them start building their contingency plan.  
  • Receive complimentary critical tools, templates, and resources to implement immediately.
  • Identify gaps and next steps.
  • Define crucial conversations that need to take place and with whom.
  • Learn the frameworks for creating contingency plans and your business continuance playbook - helping people prioritize their next steps.
  • Integrate concepts reinforced with case studies and personal stories.

For Meeting Planners

Audiences that stand to benefit from this topic include:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professional business associations and groups
  • Medical practices
  • Attorneys
  • Financial planners and insurance brokers
  • Private community organizations
  • Women's organizations

Resources for meeting planners include:

  • Professional bio and photographs
  • Audience takeaways such as handouts, workbooks, and special offers
  • Virtual and in-person presentation expertise
  • Value-focused delivery for the audience.

Speaking Your Brand Certified Master Speaker

“Mary Beth inspired me to take action and lessen the burden for the most important people in my life who will need to be prepared to handle my financial and personal affairs at the point I am not able to. I think her approach and genuineness empowers people to make the process of planning ahead less intimidating and thoughtful. I highly recommend Niche Partnership Consulting. I believe that when the time comes, I would rather have my loved ones focus on healing and moving forward with a peace that only comes from being prepared and empowered.”

Jeanine G.

“Mary Beth provides very practical details and provides fantastic organizational tips and tools on what is an often overlooked and very difficult topic to address. Her experience of working through this process shines through in her presentations and approach. She is an invaluable resource. If you haven't taken the steps to prepare for the inevitable, there's no better time than now, and no better person than Mary Beth to help!”

Brad D.

Virtual and In-person Keynote Talks

Contingency Plans Are No Longer Optional, Personally or Professionally

Learn 5 key dimensions to start your journey creating effective contingency plans for your business and life.

Audience takeaways:

  • Learn the A.W.A.R.E. framework to understand the five levels of contingency plan preparedness.
  • Master concepts reinforced with case studies and personal stories.
  • Prioritize your personalized action plan.
  • Realize the complexity of your legal, financial, and benefits landscape.

Keynote talk length is customized for your audience (45 to 90 minutes)

Keynote fees start at $2,000​ for in-person or virtual

Virtual & In-person Workshops, Training & Fireside Chats

How to Keep Your Business & Your Life Running Smoothly During a Much Needed Vacation or an Emergency

During this workshop, the audience creates the foundation of their contingency plan.

Audience takeaways:

  • Receive guidance on how to create your contingency plans.
  • Learn the A.W.A.R.E contingency plan framework for your personal life and business.
  • Receive tools to make your password book.
  • Learn the C.O.P.E. business continuance playbook framework.
  • Assess who is the best person to be your second in command. Prepare them to succeed in your absence.
  • Understand why you want to create an inventory of your benefits, financial information, bills, passwords, essential personal documents, and more.
  • Prepare to take the most meaningful next steps to create your contingency plans and business continuance playbook.

​In-person fireside chats, training, and workshops range from 40 - 60 minutes, and the fee starts at $2,000.

Virtual and In-person TED-Style Talk

Struggle to Strength: How Childhood Trauma Shows Up As Strength In the Workplace

During this talk, the audience joins Mary Beth for a journey of discovery that traces how childhood challenges can inspire strength that shows up in the workplace.

Audience takeaways:

  • Realize how personal reflection and storytelling can transform your perception.
  • Experience how all humans are unified in having endured struggle.
  • Identify what strengths you have developed as a result of the challenges you've weathered.
  • Celebrate how your history has made you powerful.

TED-Style talks are approximately 20 minutes.

TED-Style talk fees start at $2,000​ and can be delivered in-person or virtually.


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